About Us

Kari Smith-Uhrig - Vocals
Jeff Worthington - Ac. Guitar/Vocals
Max MacCormack - Lead Guitar/Vocals
"The Vic” - Bass Guitar/Vocals
Warren Miller - Drums/Vocals
Peachy - Vocals
Dave Fortkamp - Elec. Guitar/Vocals

The Roasters were formed on a challenge to perform at a friends pig “Roast” in the summer of 2002. The then nameless band formed by Jeff Worthington and former Tom T. Hall guitarist Jack Miller met the challenge. The friend promptly named the group “The Roasters”, which still stands today. The band covers today’s hot country songs, yesterday’s hot country songs and some old rock-n-roll that would fit well in today’s widened country genre.

The Roasters have worked hard at growing and perfecting their craft in the 20 plus years since their first gig. The Roasters have settled in at seven members who come together to bring a rockin’ sound that has something for everyone. Each member of the band grew up absorbing a rather diverse musical diet and those varied influences have helped shape the full-bodied sound that defines The Roasters musical persona. The two original members are Jeff Worthington on acoustic and the Cincinnati legend, "The Vic" on bass. Singers Kari Smith and Peachy Bell are talented vocalists with a passion for singing. Driving the rhythm section is veteran drummer/singer Warren Miller. Last but certainly not least, Max MacCormack is on lead guitar and vocals, and the newest member Dave Fortkamp is on elec. guitar and vocals! Both awesome musicians. The band has a combined 75 years of experience in the music business……..and it shows!